Urchin in the Streets

This dream begins with the characters in a strange oversized city. They should feel at home here

You can smell roasted meat and human sweat mixing together in the dry desert air. The ever present feel of sandy grit in your nose and mouth reminds you of how little you’ve had to drink today. You and your friends have been begging all day in the market square with little success. You’re getting desperate, pushing it later than you normally would knowing an empty purse means an empty belly. The long fun bleached awnings over countless stalls provide scant shade in the ferocious sun but it’s a rare shop keeper who will allow people as disreputable as yourselves to linger near their goods.
Suddenly, you realize that there aren’t nearly as many people in the market as there should be. Actually… there’s no one. You and your friends are alone as you hear the thick 10 foot high doors slammed shut around the stone walled city. You are tiny, barely reaching the waist of most of the cities normal sized inhabitants. You have no weapons, why would you? You are powerless and living off the refuse of the desperate. Even the heavy shutters are closing and suddenly the vast empty market square feels desperately alone.
You should have headed for safety sooner… best to start now before the danger comes.

Perception check DC 20 – 17 – 15 to hear the sound of the coming plains cat. If they hear it in the first round, they start 3 squares ahead, the second 2 and the last 1. Otherwise, they start at the same time.

You hear the screaming yowl of a great cat. The guardians of Bast, the sacred cats, are loose in the city. Anyone fool enough to be caught on the street after dark is their prey and you had better get to the safety of your creche. You know the way, but it’s still some distance.
The creature you see prowling through the city streets stands at least eight feet tall and must weigh many tons. It’s nearly twenty feet long and heavily muscled but pads with the quiet confidence of a well fed predator. It’s claws and teeth would make short work of unprotected flesh.

Use the chase cards to run this Dream Scene. The party, or some of them, need to make it to the Creche to be safe.

Card 1: Market
The empty market offers scant shelter. A few empty wooden stalls with linen awnings line the edges. In the center, there is a deep stone well with a rope and bucket. There are streets and alleys leading in every direction. This area is a bit unfamiliar, but you know the general direction of safety.
Card 2: Chained up Gate
Around a corner the alley you are following heads in the wrong direction taking you further from safety. There’s a tall iron gate on one side you need to get past into the back yard of a prosperous inn. The gate is chained loosely shut, you can either choose to climb over it or squeeze through the opening. There are a few pieces of broken crockery and debris scattered around but no place to hide.
Card 3: Stone Wall
In the back of the inn you cross a small yard. There are tables and chairs scattered around and the courtyard is enclosed on all sides by stone walls. At the lowest point one of the walls is covered in chipped and broken plaster that might make it easier to climb, or you could attempt the difficult jump to grab the top and pull yourself up onto the rooftop.
Card 4: Rooftop Jump
You make a daring run along the flat rooftop of the inn until you come to a narrow street. The roof you want to reach is directly across the way, a challenging but possible leap. There is a huge piece of scaffolding in place against a nearby chimney that could be toppled to bridge the gap, but it looks heavy.
Card 5: Watch Dogs
Crossing over another rooftop you come to the back of another building abutting the river. Directly below you in the courtyard there is a pack of guard dogs. You know if they raise a cry you’ll be in trouble and likely have to turn back. You can either choose to befriend the vicious dogs or sneak past them.
Card 6: River Crossing
After getting past the dogs you make your way down to the waters edge. There are several fisherman, safely away from the shore, plying their trade. If you can come up with a convincing lie you might be able to trick them into ferrying you across. Otherwise, you’ll have to swim.
Card 7: Guard Station
Your getting close to the safety of the temple district now but you’ll need to get past a group of guards from the temple of Bast. If they catch you, you’ll almost certainly be sacrificed. If you’re brave and skilled you could try to talk your way past them but it may be safer to just sneak by.
Card 8: Noises in the Night
From an imposing temple nearby you hear a screaming howling sound that chills you to the bone. Every fiber in your being wants to turn back but you know safety lies ahead. Make a Will save.
Card 9: Nearing the Entrance
The Creche is nearby now, somewhere close. You have heard rumors of the secret entrance but haven’t had to use it yourself. You can try to remember exactly where it’s located or you can just look around for it.
Card 10: The Creche
You spot the loose board that cover the secret entrance to The Creche. In the basement of a large building there’s a broken out delivery door, just large enough for a child to squeeze through. You wriggle in down a dark corridor. At the end, you see flickering torch light. As you emerge into a large crowded room a feeling of safety washes over you. It’s over, for tonight at least.
Many other children huddle in blankets around small fires inside the building. The air smells tangy but somehow soft, the smell of the Creche guardians. All around the room is a deep pit that protects the island in the middle where everyone huddles. The other children run out the plank as you appear murmuring welcome. You cross over the pit and look down… to see hundreds of writhing snakes. The guardians of the Creche.

Urchin in the Streets

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