Cultural Level 1 (Stone Age) with some structures resembling CL 7 (Medieval)

Markovia is a tropical island in the northern Sea of Sorrows, a land of inexplicable lushness amid the cold, eternal fog. Dense forests blanket the island, echoing with the cackle of tropical birds. The verdant vegetation is awash with vibrant flowers and fantastic insect life. The canopy blots out all light, so the forest floor, tangled with vines and tree roots, is perpetually swathed in shadow. Markovia’s interior is mountainous; the black peaks, draped in green forest and white wisps of cloud, rise up to touch the sky. Spectacular waterfalls roar down the sheer mountain cliff faces, plummeting into misty, crystalline pools. The island’s beaches are narrow but idyllic strips of soft white sand surrounding placid lagoons. The shore is dotted with ancient basalt statues, peculiar human figures with their heads and arms upraised to the sky.

Native People

Despite its pristine beauty, Markovia is far from uninhabited. Sailors on the Sea of Sorrows have spotted structures on the island, including a monastery of ashen stone on the southern cliffs. There are regular sightings of “beast-men,” creatures that appear to be animals yet walk on two legs and wield primitive tools and weapons. These disturbing encounters aside, many domains are eager to exploit Markovia’s exotic and valuable resources. Unfortunately, colonists who have attempted to settle on the island have vanished without a trace.


None known. The lack of obvious civilization would indicate a barbarian king of the beast men or some kind of recluse.

Realm Magic Rating

Most of Markovia has a Magic Rating of 3


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