Cultural Level None. Ruins suggest that Keening was once a CL 8 (Chivalric) domain

Keening at a glance

No Ecology (Temperate Mountains). Keening initially appears to be a normal enough, if forbidding, domain. It is an isolated region nestled between the forests of Tepest, The Shadow Rift and the Mountains of Misery. Its only notable feature is Mount Lament, a bleak windy peak crowned with wisps of fog. The mountain’s dark gray stone supports little vegetation, only pale green mosses and lichens. The slopes of Mount Lament seem eerily empty; not a single living creature dwells in the domain. The settlement of Marbh-Cathair (City of the Dead) lies in ruins near the base of the mountain, inhabited only by the undead. The winds that constantly blow across Mount Lament sometimes seem to moan a mournful song. The domain is temperate but chilly, its skies perpetually overcast and its seasons featureless.

Native People

There are no living people in Keening. In the village at the base of Mount Lament there are hundreds of undead that shuffle endlessly through a grotesque parody of their mortal lives.


No formal government. This is a desolate land not meant for the living. If any creature calls Keening its realm it is likely undead or mad.

Realm Magic Rating

Keening’s magic rating is 0 as far as any living visitors are concerned. Necromancy spells and those cast by the dead function as though the realm had a magic rating of 3.


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