Cultural Level 3 (Iron Age) though ruins hint at a CL 7 (Medieval) culture in the past

Forlorn at a glance

Forlorn is a blasted highland domain, a forsaken land from which humanity has long been driven. Nestled just south of the Balinok Mountains, Forlorn is a land of thickly forested uplands with sparse heather and mosses clinging to the exposed rocky hillsides. The woods are dark, twisted places full of grasping branches and ominous shadows. In some areas, the land’s goblyn inhabitants have actively destroyed the forest, reducing it to a wasteland of sucking mud. The Maw of Arawn, rising from the center of Forlorn, is a jagged peak that perpetually belches noxious vapors. The only notable body of water is the Lake of Red Tears, whose deep, dark waters appear crimson when the sun reflects off the near by red granite cliffs.

Native People

Forlorn is not a settled land. The primary inhabitants are goblyns, horrid humanoid creatuers that value little but strength and slaughter. Although generally lawless, the goblyns do pursue some organized goals, particularly the systematic destruction of the land’s forests. They otherwise occupy themselves with petty power struggles, distracted only by the occasional captive outsider, whom they gleefully torture and devour. Rumors persist of a tiny contingent of humans remaining in Forlorn, descendants of an ancient order of druids. If such humans exist, then they have concealed their presence quite well, perhaps out of fear of the goblyn clans.


No formal government. There exists a loose clan system among Forlorn’s goblyns. Each clan has a distinctive tartan pattern, which the goblyns display on tattered kilts and standards. An outsider would be hard pressed to tell one clan apart from the others, however. The strongest in a clan dominates its weaker kin until toppled by a challenger. Clans battle among themselves for resources, prestige and pure sport. The goblyns’ tenacious destruction of Forlorn’s forests leads some outsiders to speculate that the goblyns serve a hidden master. Rumors abound that creatures far more terrifying than goblyns haunt the crumbling castle above the Lake of Red Tears.


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