Castle Island


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The island is visible from about a mile off in each direction in poor weather. On exceptionally clear days it can be seen from as far away as Viktal or Brigdarrow.

You’ve been rowing for what seems like hours through the choppy gray waters of the vast lake. Off to the left you keep sight of the southern shore where scraggly brush and heavy tree limbs stretch out over the water. The northern shore remains lost in the fog. Occasionally you seem to sense as much as see huge dark shapes moving beneath the waves, but nothing disturbs your little vessel. You do frequently witness the flash and hear the sound of large fish breaking the surface or see the spiny shell of a turtle wide enough for a man to stand on with room to spare. It’s clear that this great body of water is very much alive.
Finally, your arms nearing exhaustion from the unaccustomed exertion, you spot a growing shape on the water to the north west. As you slowly pull closer it begins to resolve itself into a jagged crest of rock breaking through the clawing waves. Bitter wind drives the chop hard against the coast, shrouding the place in heavy mist and spray. Rising from the gloom and stone is a shattered fortress. The worn and broken walls comprising this keep are covered with tangles of ivy.
As you move closer still you note gulls and terns dancing about in the air, their raucous calls shrill against the rumbling waves. They seem to be warning you away from this place. At the same time, however, another sound drifts across the water. A delicate melody haunts the air around the island. The song sends shivers of fear down your spine; both fearful and inviting.


As your boat scrapes up onto the rocky shore the spirit of Aroun seems to gain some solidity. You hear him speak, looking desperately at the ruin, “So close… just a little bit further” be breathes. The island itself is just large enough for the crumbling ruin in its center. There is some scrub brush and between 20 and 100 feet between the shore and the remains of the structure. Scattered around the shore you see the occasional cracked ruins of old wooden boats.


The siren has deposited the remains of former play things here. Along with several rotting or skeletal bodies the following items are found:

Masterwork Shield, tower : 180gp
Masterwork Chainmail : 300gp
Sword, short 10 gp
Studded leather Armor 25 gp
Pick, miner’s 3 gp
Shield, light steel 9 gp
Leather Armor 10 gp
Bell 1 gp
Siangham 3 gp
Block and tackle 5 gp
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft. 4 gp

Castle Island

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