Axelord Ruin


The road is lost but the destination is clear. The front face of the building is flat and intact about twenty feet tall. A large double door is visible in the center and the approach is mostly clear of debris, perhaps unnaturally so. The sides of the building are certainly fallen into complete rubble, though the back isn’t visible from this angle. Near the entrance is a large pile of branches and debris that, now that you are closer, appears to be hiding something beneath. The sound of the river in the background has grown loud, even over the now hard rain falling all around. Through the muddy darkness you can barely see the drop off in the land well past thhe building which is likely where the river cuts through.

Axelord Ruin Interior

You smell heavy damp smoke and the flickering light of a cook fire burning at the opposite end of this large hall reveals much of the space. Just inside the main entrance is a pile of musty old hay on which a worn out pale mare munches desolately. The stink of animal waste and musty straw competes with the smoke rising up and obscuring much of the arched roof. There is little in the hall aside from some broken furniture, some of which is being used to fuel the fire at the far end. A bedroll and small table has been setup near the fire. At end of the hall opposite the main entrance there is a large archway leading into a slightly smaller space but it quickly ends in rubble where the rest of the building has collapsed. Near the middle of the right wall a seemingly intact corridor leads away, similarly an opening exits the hall on the far left.

Axelord Ruin

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