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You can use this page to ask any questions you have about the game. This includes NPC info, plot elements, world events, mechanics, motivations, whatever! I’ll answer it in the GM only section ASAP and date my answer. When this game ends I’ll share everything.

1/8/2013 from Rich: What would have happened if Arden had tried to trick the fey queen (roughly, not based on mechanics)?
1/8/2013 from Rich: What’s in the shadow rift?
1/8/2013 from Rich: Are the dark powers higher than the gods (of Ravenloft)? Crazy gods? Child gods? Subquestion: most of the Ravenloft religions have gods from other planes. Do these gods have influence in this demiplane or are these people actually getting their power from something else?
1/8/2013 from Rich: How hard would it be to play a paladin?
2/25/2014 from Rich: Would it have screwed up story plans to not go fight the Blood Cat? Seems like we’re about to do the nightmare stuff and it could possibly be related but we don’t know yet.
2/25/2014 from Rich: Is the signature killer one person?
2/25/2014 from Rich: Was Chezna a vistani that failed powers checks?
2/25/2014 from Rich: Were the Koshka bandits really helping the people of Nova Vaasa and we made things worse by killing them?

1) How many Avanks were there? Why didn’t the last one die when the island sank?
2) What is wrong with Krajkah’s finger? Why won’t it heal?
3) In the Play Scenes when we exited the playhouse and started exploring the cave, there was a passageway that slanted downwards which we did not explore. What was down there?
4) Was there a way to save both Loreli and the Caliban baby or was it a “Ravenloft” moment where we were presented with a situation with no easy/perfect solution and had to make a hard choice?
5) What would have happened if one of us slept with one of the 3 hags?
6) What is the worst decision you think we have made as a group? (Feel free to update as necessary)
7) What do you think is the biggest story element or adventure we have completely missed?

From Rob 7/14:
What did you expect us to do that we didn’t?
What did we do that you didn’t expect us to do?
What did we do in a weird order?
What were your “dark plans” for Ablion/Lily?
What would have happened if we kept the ring of regeneration/stole it back from the Hags?
What did various major NPCs think of us a group? Singularly? In particular, in our approach and subsequent handling of major events related to their concern such as the Avanc, the fey investigation/lorelai, fighting the fey, dealing with the Blood Cart, etc.?
Who killed the gnome poison maker that worked for the Blood Cat? How? Why?
What did the Blood Cat know that got her killed?
What was your rough plan for future stories for the campaign?
Would you be opposed to someone continuing a campaign with your Ravenloft world?

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