Ablion & Others



  • This person has long, wavy black hair and a slight tan to her, or could it be his, features. The skin tone appears natural to this androgynous form of 5’8" and a mere 122 lbs. The hair is worn over the shoulders, though the length can be unclear as he has a tendency to cant his head to one side, smile widely and grin often. He laughs just as much in conversation, delivering a slightly innocent and warm cadence. His blue-violet eyes, however, betray a great sadness for one so young.

Ellelana Vorgan

  • This woman of her mid to upper 20’s has a lithe frame though subtley tanned skin and supple lips of pink. Hair of mahogany brown is tied up in a french twist with dark blue eyes gleaming behind frames of black. With a delicate chin held into the air, she looks down from a height of 5’9”. High healed boots of brown leather are easily spotted beneath a rich robe of deep royal blue. It is tight over her breasts but looser below with a high slit to just about the knee of the right leg. The tips of her ears are hidden in her hair, though silver adorns them as well as the belt upon her waist, which includes two pouches. Her smile is slight, her gaze brief.


  • A graceful young girl, black hair flows over one sky blue eye, adding great contrast to her alabaster skin. Bright pink lips are difficult to find, her attention given more to the floor ground as she glances about with shy naiveté. Perhaps 5’5”, delicate scarves hide her slight décolletage and the blouse of fair white over the long deep blue skirt. A large brown cloak serves to protect her from travel. Her light voice betrays a quiet giggle.


  • A heavy black cowl looms over a masked face, ever frowning in your direction. Eyes of brown peer back from the mask. The nearly 5’8” figure is dressed otherwise in studded leather and travelers boots. His voice is deep and slow as he holds his hands before him.

Ablion & Others

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