Esera Lucence


Description: Serene. That is the first word that comes to mind when you look upon this woman. Vibrant and youthful, she glances around with a glazed, but hopeful look in her eyes. You can’t help but wonder what gives her such a demeanor. Standing just over five feet tall, she looks very small and weak, but exudes confidence (or naivete, depending on how you perceive it. Her fair skin has the perfect amount of makeup on to accentuate her features, of which include her pale blue eyes.

In her adventuring gear, she is adorned in a midnight blue breastplate with a similarly colored shield and matching leathers with brown leather boots. Her hair is tied back in a loose pony-tail.

Magical items:
Ioun Torch (either floating around head or in pocketbook)
Muleback cords (on biceps, under clothes)
Wand of Inflict Light Wounds (in pocketbook unless being wielded)


Esera Lucence

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