Enter a rustic town of splintered wood, creaking wagon wheels, cracking hammers and musty straw. Furtive glances are darted from suspicious eyes; the heavy browed locals who plod down dusty streets seem bent on avoiding you.

The forests are darker, the mountains more rugged, the deserts scorching and the creatures… the creatures are twisted. This is a world cobbled together of disparate lands stolen from across the multiverse, each ruled by a being of eternal evil. The rules are different here. The powers that guide fate from beyond the Mists are completely incomprehensible.

Most of this world’s inhabitants are content to scrape by. Avoid notice, lock your doors at night, don’t trust strangers, pay your taxes and keep your head down. Do that, and there’s a good chance you’ll survive. For some that’s not enough, however. Even against the greatest odds in a world where monsters seem as common as men there are those who would be heroes. There are those who would fight for profit, for glory, for good or for revenge. Sometimes, they even win.

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A Light in Darkness

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