World Overview

The demiplane of dread

Ravenloft is a mysterious world which exists solely to torment the damned. For those that inhabit the demiplane it is all they’ve ever known. Although each domain was once part of some other world somewhere many have been a part of this place for so long it might as well be forever. Few natives of Ravenloft think there is anything strange about their world, it is all they know. When designing a character for this campaign it is important to select the domain they will be from and understand how that should impact the character’s background. You will need to provide at least a basic history (a couple pages). The more story hooks you give me the better the chances I’ll build some plot elements around your character, although I’ll certainly try to give each character a chance to stand out at certain points.

The table below summarizes the domains that are generally suitable for player character homes. That means they have functional governments, conventional races & classes and are part of the “core” domains. The core domains constitute essentially the one contiguous continent of Ravenloft bordered on all sides by Mists and seas. Information on all core domains is available on other pages (with maps). If you want to be from somewhere not on this table, let me know and we’ll talk. This certainly includes non-native characters (those originally from other worlds). The very nature of Ravenloft makes it possible for you to theoretically be from anywhere. Since this is very uncommon, however, I will allow at most one character to be non-native.

Domain Reference

Name Cultural Level Magic Ratings Languages Races Classes Religions
Barovia 7 3 Balok Human or Half-Vistani Any The Morninglord, Ezra
Borca 8 2-3 Balok, Mordentish Human, halfling Any Ezra, Hala
Dementlieu 9 5 Mordentish Mostly human Any Neutral Church of Ezra
Falkovnia 7 3 Falkovnian, Darkonese Human only non-fighter Hala, Ezra
Hazlan 7 3 Vaasi Mostly dwarven Any The Lawgiver, Hala
Invidia 8 2-3 Balok Mostly human Any Ezara, Hala
Kartakass 7 3 Vaasi Mostly human Any Ezra, Hala
Lamordia 9 2-0 Lamordian Mostly human non-cleric none
Mordent 9 3 Mordentish Mostly human Any Lawful Good Church of Ezra
Necropolis 3-8 4-5 Darkonese, racial Any Any Temple of Eternal Order, Lawful Evil Church of Ezra
Nova Vaasa 7 2 Vaasi Mostly human Any The Lawgiver
Richemulot 8 3-4 Mordentish Mostly human Any Ezra, Hala
Sithicus 7 3-4 Sithican Mostly elven Any Ezra, Hala, Dragonlance Pantheon
Tepest 6 1-5 Tepestani Mostly human Non-arcane Belenus
Valachan 7 2-3 Vaasi Mostly human Any, rangers common Ezra, Hala

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World Overview

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