Viktal Location Guide

Approach to Viktal

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The wagon creaks and clatters as it lumbers through the driving rain. The smell of wet earth and damp leaves is rich in your nose. Heavy wheels pull through sucking mud all along the dirt road; your senses are dulled by the sound and weather. Despite that, you have started to notice signs of habitation since the most recent bridge where the East Timori road crossed over the Vaughn Dinar River. A small farm house tucked off the road, a well maintained stone wall, an immaculate garden. Everywhere you see people are busy; always working in the Tepestani tradition. This close to the source the mighty river, which passes all the way through Nova Vaasa to the Nocturnal Sea in the far east, is wide and deep and calm. Slowly the occasional houses get denser and without being able to say exactly when you find yourself on the outskirts of a large village.

Entering the Town Square

As you move deeper into the village proper you begin to feel the cold unfriendly stairs of the residents. Most avert their eyes or move away from the strangers, a couple call out cautious greetings or wave to Arathmis upon recognizing him. Others just stare. As in Kellee, the the homes here are well maintained and the streets are clean. You notice far fewer animal pens but the smell of fish and open water is clear as you move towards the center of town. Here you catch sight of a small walled stone compound with a pair of two story buildings over the outer walls. Almost all the structures are simple wood cottages with thatched roofs, but this compound has the solid stone architecture of the ancient axe lords. You now catch sight of Lake Kronov for the first time. A vast expanse of choppy gray water far too wide to see the other side. Thick mist rises from the turbid waters as they break on the rocky shore. Many large rowed fishing boats are pulled up on the shore near wooden sheds.

Fisherman’s Rest

F2 For Music

After Hawk’s Haven in Kellee, Fisherman’s Rest seems small and dimly sit in comparison. Where you enter there are stairs leading up on the right and a bar across the room. A half dozen wooden plank tables complete the furnishings. Even the fire burning to the right only dimly lights the cool room. Sitting on a large stool on the other side of the bar a massive greasy man with a flushed face is picking through the remains of a slab of sturgeon. His fingers drip with the butter he’s drawing each piece of meat through before breathing it into his wet mouth. He glowers up as you push in out of the rain, but doesn’t stop eating.

Walled Compound

Outer compound walls are 3 feet thick at the base narrowing to 2 feet at the top. They are 15 feet high. The stones are tightly fit and well laid. Time and weather have allowed cracks to form and chunks of stone to fall free in places despite the best efforts of the Tepestani who, unfortunately, seem to have no skill for stone craft anymore.

F6 For Music

High dray stone walls loom over you as you move through the arched doorway into the inner compound. Heavy wooden plank doors stand propped open to either side. Inside the compound there are only two buildings, each larger than any other in the town. On the right is a two story manor house unlike anything seen so for in Tepest. It looks strong, tall and very old. Across the way on the opposite side of the compound stands what can only be the high temple of Belenus. The walls are full of arched windows to let in his holy light. Large doors stand ready to welcome the faithful and a row of stylized sun symbols line the peaked stone roof to praise him. Though the large buildings draw your attention first a feeling of deep creeping dread slowly pulls at your mind.
A shiver runs down your arms an you glance to the left. A circle of scorched black earth around a mound of charred wood marks the remains of a burned out pyre. In the center a thick heavy pole, cracked and near ready to fall apart from the agony it has endured, supports the chained on weight of a cracked and broken skeleton. That entire corner of the compound seems shrouded in darkness and a palpable loathing both attractive and repulsive fills you. From the thick layers of greasy soot caked onto the stone walls that back it you can clearly tell that many an evil entity has been purged from the world on that very spot.

Temple of Belenus

Temple of Belenus

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The wooden doors of the ancient church are polished and waxed to a near mirror finish, carved with the symbols of the Tepestani gods. The interior of the church is open and full of light. The many archways in the walls allow light and air to move through the two story worship room. There are many rows of wooden benches and a stair leading up to a balcony that rings the room. You are standing in the back, the room stretching out to your left. At the far left a raise dias occupies much of the far wall. Along the front are three altars representing the gods of summer: Belenus, Brigantia & Manannan mac Lir. Behind the altar a massive ornate wooden star is mounted on the wall. Etched in brass and copper the relic appears more complex and artistic than any Tepestani craft you’ve seen so far. Aside from a small discreet door on your left at the far side of the room it appears that a full two thirds of the massive building is devoted to this single space.
  • Located in the same walled compound as Wyan’s house
  • Similar architectural style as that of the Axelord’s ruins
  • Two stories
  • Differences from other Belenus temples
    • Covered, roof is steeply pitched with row of stone symbols to Belenus on the ridge.
    • Contains rows of pews for the faithful
    • Main altar flanked by smaller shrines dedicated to Brigantia and Manannan mac Lir
    • Large eight-pointed star mounted on the wall behind the altar of Belenus (usually associated with the god Lugh)

Wyan’s Home

  • Small two-story manor house
  • Traditional home of the high priest, dates back to the time of the axelords

Viktal Location Guide

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