Cultural Level 7 (Medieval)

Valachan at a glance

Valachan is a rugged heavily wooded domain in the southwestern corner of the Core. It’s ridges and small canyons make travel difficult. Game is plentiful and hunting a popular occupation. Three towns of notable size: Ungrad, Rotwal and Helbenik constitute the only population centers. Baron von Kharkov’s fortress, Castle Pantara, lies between Rotwad and Helbenik couched on a cliff above the main road.

Native People

Valachani natives are tall and black-skinned. Their hair is straight and black, both men and women wear it long. They tend to be lean and well-muscled from physically demanding jobs such as stonecutting or foresting. The simple baggy trousers, tunics or smocks they wear are always of a practical nature. Jewelry is rare though not unheard of. Natives of Valachan also frequently suffer from White Fever, a mild flu that leaves its victims listless and bedridden for several days but usually passes harmlessly. There is no evidence that outsiders are susceptible to this infection.


Valachani players can be of any class allowed in Ravenloft. Rangers are extremely common.


Baron Urik von Kharkov rules his land with an iron fist. He is rumored to either be a vampire or a rare form of lycanthrope known as a werepanther. The folk recognize him as lord and ruler. He does not tax harshly but often summons them to work in his keep by night. The work is harsh and the laborers usually contract White Fever.

Once per year the Baron demands that a young woman leave her family and become his bride. She rarely lives out the year; it is assumed that she kills herself or dies from his abuse.

Realm Magic Rating

Valachan’s magic rating changes in different areas. Though usually a 2-3, it can reach as high as 4 in the forests.

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