Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are a coven of hags that dwell somewhere deep in the Tanglewood.


After hours of trudging along the narrow path through the twisted forest you can distinctly tell you are getting close to the heart of the corruption you’ve been feeling. Your skin is crawling and there is a taint in the air. The very earth seems squishy and rotten, like dead flesh. You note a thinning in the trees ahead as though you are approaching a clearing.
After just a few moments more you duck around a low hanging branch and emerges in a large open space deep in the woods. For a hundred feet around, easily, the rough ground bears only knee high grass and the leaden sky is visible above. Near the center grows one of the largest and strangest trees you have ever seen. It towers high into the air, near impossible to tell from this angle, but the trunk is 20-30 feet across. It seems to resemble a mournful willow tree, branches swaying in the low breeze almost touching the ground. That is, until you realize the air is still…
Nestled into the base of the great tree, built into the trunk, is a little run down shack with a simple wooden door and two shuttered windows. In front a burning fire warms a giant steaming cauldron. From a small chimney a thick greasy black smoke rises leaving a trail of soot and filth along the bark of the tree.
Many of the branches of this great tree bear strange lumpy dark fruit. Only when you look closer do you realize they are actually disembodied heads!
As you move closer you realize that the great tree is not empty. The long trailing branches are filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands of midnight black crows which sit in stillness and silence watching your approach with beady black eyes. None ruffle a feather, take flight, move or glance away. You take note that what at first appeared to be lumpy knots in the wood, or strange dark fruit are actually misshapen fleshy heads that seem to twist and stare on thin stems growing from the great tree. Soft moans, first seeming to be the wind, are revealed to be these many human looking heads groaning and wheezing in pain.
The feeling of oppressive evil, a soul numbing darkness, seeps further into your body as you advance into the open space beneath the tree. Hidden by the tall grass you feel something crunch under foot and look down to see a broken bleached white bone half buried in the dirt. The tree sways and moans.
Glancing inside the ramshackle hut you see a surprisingly large room, clearly set into the trunk of the tree. The walls and floor are the same rough cut unfinished wood as the outside. A fire roars in a large stone hearth, filling the air with a smoky haze which fails to obscure the horrid scene before you.
The room is scattered with bits of bodies, all of which have been partially eaten, and the floor and walls are stained almost black with blood and ichor. Beneath the acrid smoke hangs the sickeningly sweet smell of decay. Seated around a large table in the center of the room are three of the most hideous women you have ever seen. Each is different but all have wrinkled baggy skin, long cracked nails, hunched backs and parts and boils all over. There jagged sharp black teeth are barely hidden by their thin lipped mouths.
On the table before them lies a partially eaten goblin body. Its legs and one arm are missing but its torso and head are, as yet, untouched. As you watch, the creature’s head lolls over limply, allowing its jaundiced yellow gaze to fall upon you. Only when its mouth moves in a gurgling whimper do you realize that the tortured beast is still alive!

Player Notes

The Dagger of Arak was left on the northern edge of the Three Sisters’ forest. It is presumed to be in their possession.

Three Sisters

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