Tanglewood Forest

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Journey to the Three Sisters

Follow the East Timori Road west from Kellee toward Viktal. After the second crossing of the South Dnar River leave the road and follow the river north for about three miles until you come to a small cove of black rocks. Here a narrow game trail leads out of the wilderness to the North West, follow it into the woods. If you follow the path the journey will take a few hours, and you will be tested. If you leave the path you risk becoming lost… or worse.

Moving away from the river into the dense Tanglewood feels a bit like journeying from day to night. Overhead the branches of the tortured trees twist together in knobby agony blotting out the sun. The path is treacherous; thick roots seem to loop up and try to snag unwary boots and stones turn under foot. On either side the wood is thick with dense thorny underbrush. Visibility is limited to 15-20 feet.
The sounds of the forest start to subtly change the deeper you go. Noises are more… harsh. Screams of animal pain and sudden thrashing erupt from the brush. Your heart races for a few moments as you look around, but no danger manifests. The creatures you do see begin to exhibit signs of some kind of… corruption.
On a gnarled branch in an old oak a large owl sits staring intently as you walk by. A rat tailed squirrel runs past too close and you see the owl strike. In an instant in opens its wings and a nest of thin spiny tentacles erupts from its chest. The squirrel screeches in fear and pain before being pulled quickly into a strange bloody may that opens in the owl’s body. It is all over in a second, you can blink and doubt your eyes but the squirrel is gone and the owl shows no sign that anything went wrong.
A rabbit with hard scaly skin, birds with long curved stingers, insects the size of mice burrow in the suffering trees. You watch the skin of a young maple writhing and moving as you walk near, though nothing seems to emerge. Such is the way of the Tanglewood, a place of nature corrupted but still erupting with life.

Tanglewood Forest

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