Craft (Gunsmith)

Individuals using firearms in Ravenloft must spend time and care tending to their weapons. At the start of each day a firearm must be cared for using craft gunsmith in order to function.

If the weapon is kept in a clean dry environment the DC of care is 10.

If the weapon becomes wet or otherwise gets jostled or disturbed the DC of care is 15 for the following day.


Add this feature to the heal skill if you posess the Hypnotherapy feat.


This use of the heal skill takes 1 hour per attempt and replicates the effects of the hypnotism spell with only one target. The DC of this check is 15 + the target’s will save modifier. If the target is unwilling you must first attempt to hide your intentions with a bluff check and may only make one attempt with such an individual per day. If this skill is used in a loud distracting environment add +2 (or more) to the DC. If you use a prop such as a pocket watch or crystal ball the DC is reduced by 2 but an unwilling individual has a +2 to the sense motive check to oppose your attempt to hide your intentions.

Hypnosis may also be used to aid in the recovery of those who have failed a madness save as detailed in that section.

Knowledge (Planes)

Knowledge (planes) is consulted when dealing with the nature of the realm of dread itself. Knowledge regarding the dark powers, darklords and the nature of domains are covered by this skill. Such a skill is a powerful and rare resource for heroes and is treated as a cross class skill even by classes that receive all knowledge skills as class skills.

To gain ranks or further ranks in this skill requires exhaustive research with appropriate study material or personal investigation of the nature of the realm. Such hazardous activity is almost certain to attract the attention of a dark lord or the dark powers themselves eventually.

Knowledge checks regarding planes other than Ravenloft, such as the shadow and ehtereal planes, have their DC increased by 10 for natives of Ravenloft. Travelers from other planes do not suffer this penalty, but instead have the DC for knowledge checks related to the nature of Ravenloft increased by 20.


The following domain and racial languages are available to learn with ranks in Linguistics. To learn a language you must have been consistently exposed to it in verbal or written form for at least a month.

  • Akiri (Har’akir)
  • Avergnite (Staunton Bluffs)
  • Balok
  • Darkonese
  • Dwarven
  • Elven
  • Falkovnian
  • Forfarian (Forlorn)
  • Gnomish
  • Heldannic (Graben Island, Nocturnal Sea)
  • Lamordian
  • Mordentish
  • Pharazian
  • Rajian (Sri Raji)
  • Tepestani (Tepest)
  • Vaasi
  • Vos (Vorostokov)
  • Gnomish


In addition to the normal uses of Survival this skill can be used to hide a party’s tracks.

Normal: Tracked party can move at half speed to hide tracks increasing DC to follow by 5

A trained character can make a Survival check to conceal the party’s tracks. The DC is determined exactly as if they were trying to follow the tracks except for every 5 points by which the character beats the DC they can increase the DC to follow by +1.

For example: A party of six humans is moving over soft ground (base DC 10 -2 for six creatures). It’s dark but the moon is out, so the DC is further increased by 3 for a total track DC of 11. The party’s ranger is trying to hide their tracks while moving at full speed taking a -5 penalty off his normal Survival check of +15 for a total of +10. He gets a 16, making his check result 26 or 15 over the DC. Anyone attempting to follow their tracks under the same conditions must now beat a DC of 14 (11 + 3) to do so.

It is not possible to retry hiding tracks or to take 20. Any condition that would require making a new survival check to follow tracks also requires making a new check to hide tracks.

Control Shape

If you have contracted Lycanthropy and are aware of your condition, you can learn Control Shape as a class skill. If you are an afflicted lycanthrope not yet aware of your condition, you can make Control Shape checks untrained. This skill determines whether you can control your shape. If you are a natural lycanthrope, you do not need this skill, since you have full control over your shape.

Involuntary Change

You must make a check each time your trigger occurs (e.g. a full moon) to resist transforming into your alternate form. If you are injured, you must also make a control shape check to resist transforming after taking enough damage to reduce your hit points by 1/4 and again after each 1/4 is lost.

Involuntary Change DC
Resist involuntary change 25

On a failed check, you must remain in alternate form until the trigger has passed (e.g. dawn), when you automatically return to your base form. If you are aware of your condition, you may make one attempt to return to humanoid form (see below) but if you fail you remain in alternate form until the trigger has passed.

Voluntary Change

In addition, if you are aware of your condition, you may attempt to use this skill voluntarily in order to change to animal form, assume hybrid form, or return to humanoid form, regardless of the moon or whether you have been injured.

Voluntary Change DC
Return to humanoid form in presence of trigger 25
Return to humanoid form in absence of trigger 20
Assume alternate form voluntarily (w/ trigger) 15
Assume alternate form voluntarily (w/o trigger) 20


Voluntary changes are standard actions.

Try Again

You can check to resist an involuntary change once each time a triggering event occurs.

You can retry voluntary changes as often as you like. On a failed check to return to humanoid form after an involuntary change, however, you must remain in alternate form until the trigger has passed.


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