Cultural Level 7 (Medieval)

Sithicus at a glance

Sithicus lies in the southwest region of the Core, east of Valachan and south of Verbrek and Invidia. It is a land of massive trees and dense forests edging up against lowlands filled with bubbling springs and shallow pools. Travelers here are well advised to stick to the major roads leading to the principal cities of Mal-Erek, Hroth and Har-Thelen.

The night sky in Sithicus is a constant reminder of Krynn, a world forever lost the residents of this Domain. The sky appears moonless to all but those with the blackest hearts for whom it provides a special light. Natives of Kyrnn recognizes most of the constellations of stars from before they were brought into the demiplane except the platinum dragon, representing Paladine, is torn asunder and scattered across the sky. The five headed dragon constellation, representing Takhisis shines brighter than before. All other godly constellations are dimmed but intact.

Wizardly magic in Sithicus is affected by the phases of the moon depending on the alignment of the caster. When the moon is half full to full, wizards of nonevil alignments suffer penalties to their spellcasting, while evil wizards receive bonuses. Nuitari remains in each phase for 24 hours – one day and one night and is full every eight days.

Waxing/waning half or gibbous moon – Nonevil wizards suffer a -1 penalty to their effective caster level, evil wizards receive a +1 bonus.

Full moon – Nonevil wizards suffer a -2 penalty to their effective caster level, evil wizards receive a +2 bonus.

Language Primer

Sithicans speak Sithican, a dialect of the Elven tongue noted for its sibilantss, which earns Sithicans the derogatory nickname of the “hissing elves.” Speakers of the Darkonian and Sithican dialects of elven can generally understand each other so long as both pay close attention, but Darkonian speakers may note pidgin elements within the Sithican dialect. To the learned ear, numerous Sithican words and phrases sound oddly dissonant, hinting that they may be borrowed from languages known to these lands. Many elves also know enough Vaasi, Balok or Mordentish to deal with their nighbors, or a smattering of Kartakan to interact with those expatriates making up the majority of their human population.

English Sithican
the sun rises (common greeting) e’roess
the sun sets (common farewell) e’naess
yes s
no ust
help! aos!
go away! kelos!
darkness loth
stranger nelin
forest seroen
tyrant rothihir

Native People

Most residents of Sithicus are elves, although there are a number of human and half-elven residents as well. Most of the humans are merchants living in Har-Thelen, or descendents of the same. There is also a small group of Vistani called the Wanderers as well as several Kender communities hidden in the domain’s deep woods.

The Sithican elves are a sad and mournful people. They see no beauty in the world feeling only loss for the world they were taken from. In large part due to the treatment non-humans receive in much of the Core the elves of Sithicus treat outsiders with thinly veiled contempt. Rudeness and condescension should be expected in one is not of Sithican elven stock, although other elves are treated slightly better.

Following a campaign by Lord Soth during which most of the kender were killed or transformed into something else, the few surviving communities have become the most violent and xenophobic people in the Core. Visitors to the domain recognize kender territory by the rotting heads on spikes that line their borders.


Most Sithican characters will be elves, but half-elves and humans are also not uncommon. Any character class allowed in Ravenloft is available here. It should be noted that elven wizards are affected by the light of Nuitari when in Sithicus as mentioned above.


Each of the cities of Sithicus is ruled by a caste of elven nobles headed by a Lord Speaker, but all acknowledge the rule of Lord Soth. The High Lord rules from Nedragaard Keep and rarely ventures forth. His seneschal, Azrael the dwarf, commands respect throughout the Domain.

Realm Magic Rating

Sithicus has a magic rating between 3 and 4 due to the high number of wizards in the realm.

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