Sinkhole of Evil

Sinkholes of Evil

Ravenloft is a land shaped by passion and fear. Emotions linger, forming ethereal resonance. If these emotions are powerful enough, they can seep into the subconscious minds of creatures on the Material.

All resonance is imbued with one or more focal emotions. The spells that target specific emotions such as fear or crushing despair in the Player’s Handbook offer an excellent starting point for possible emotions. A secluded grove used for a lovers’ tryst may retain echoes of their desire; a torture chamber may retain the fear and hatred its victims felt for their captors. If the resonance is powerful enough — as determined by its rank — it applies a penalty on any Will saves made to resist its focal emotions. As an example, creatures in the lover’s grove might suffer a penalty on Will saves against any effect that would create feelings of love or affection, including charm spells. Creatures in the torture chamber may suffer penalties to saves against fear effects or the crushing despair spell.

When acts of evil spawn resonance, as with the torture chamber above or the lair of a murderous creature, that imbued evil causes the area to become spiritually unclean. In these “sinkholes of evil,” the spiritual malevolence quietly weakens resolve and bolsters the undead.

Ravenloft is riddled with these dens of evil. Darklords carry their own sinkholes with them raising the rank of any area they enter until they move on. Characters with the Ethereal Empathy feat can sense these imbued emotions. Sinkholes of evil distort resonance, making the scene appear dark and menacing.

Sinkhole of Evil

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