Cultural Level 8 (Chivalric)

Richemulot at a glance

This is a land of forested wilderness dotted with isolated farms, woodsman’s cottages, monasteries and even the compounds of wizards. The majority of the domain’s sparse population, however, is centered in and around its three large towns: Pont-a-Museau, Ste. Ronges and Mortigny. At least one third of the buildings in each settlement lie empty or in ruins. No one knows where the former inhabitants of these cities have gone, it has been this way since before Richemulot was first noticed southwest of Falkovnia. Not even the remaining residents can say, as far as anyone can remember the cities have always been partially abandoned. Rumors abound that items of arcane power and great caches of wealth lay undiscovered in the vermin infested structures. It is also noted that the cities of Richemulot feature advanced, though decaying, architecture from a society beyond what those in other Core areas are capable of. The sewer systems, in particular, are extensive and well developed.

Richemulot shares the Mordentish language spoken in Mordent, Dementlieu and Borca.

English Low High
city burg ville
sewer âdelsçath égout
rat ræt salaud
wererat werræt
trespasser forgægend intruse
noble (n.) ætheling savant
scholar bȏkere, scȏlere savant
traitor læwend chapradeur
affluent byrde, welig malin
astute searocræftig malin
get below! (a common curse) begietan dun! decendre!

Native People

The natives of Richemulot are generally fair of hair and skin with light blue eyes. Black hair is a sign of distinction, found most often among the land’s most powerful families. The most powerful family is the Renier’s, the rulers of Richemulot, and their immediate cousins. Every family in the cities occupies a large home or series of buildings – as much as they can comfortably maintain. People here are not possessive about the things they own as most were abandoned by someone before them. Almost every person here appears affluent compared to neighboring domains and poverty is virtually unheard of.

Unlike elsewhere, information is the only real currency in Richemulot. Fashion and jewelry are secondary, though there is a distinction between the apparel of the wealthy and that of the lower classes. Richemulot is also one of the few Domains in the Core with a significant immigrant population. Many of the folk here fled from Falkovnia, Invidia or Dementlieu in hopes of making a better life.

Many tongues are spoken in Richemulot but the two most common are Falkovnian and a dialect of the language spoken in Dementlieu. The languages are different mostly in written form with the Richemulot language being simpler and more phonetic, something the Dementlieu view as primitive.


Wizards and clerics here are highly respected but all classes are present.


Jacqueline Renier has ruled Richemulot for almost twenty-five ears. She inherited control when her grandfather Claude died in 726. There are few laws here save one; every citizen is required to own at least one weapon and swear to use it should the country ever be invaded by Falkovnia or any other Domain.

Realm Magic Rating

Richemulot’s magic rating varies between 3 and 4.

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