Party Items and Wealth

Current Possessions

Item Possessor Weight (lbs) Sell Value Notes
Aroun’s notebook Arden 3 365 gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds Arden 25 gp Goblin potion
4 trail rations Arden 1 each from Wyan
3 trail rations Arden 1 each from Lily
2 healing kits Esera from Wyan
4 pints of lamp oil Arden 1 each from Wyan
2 silvering vials Kraj from Wyan
2 cold iron vials Lily from Wyan
2 adamantine vials Kraj from Wyan
2 salty white antiundead vials Arath/Kraj from Wyan
2 yellow powder body balm tea Esera/Lily from Wyan
2 blood block unguent Esera/Lily from Wyan
1 barrel of dried shredded local tobacco Wagon 50 25 gp from Wyan
5 pounds of dried fenugreek in waxed paper packages Arden 5 ~100 gp from Wyan
Wyan’s coffer Arden 2 8 sp from Wyan
Wyan’s personal savings Arden 4 200 gp from Wyan
Letter of credit (written in Vaasi) to Sean’s distillery in Briggdarrow Arden ~500 gp from Wyan
Three sisters platinum sculpture Arden 15 thousands? from Wyan, found in ancient chambers below temple
Copper ring w/ sard gem ?? Found on Dark Mother
Silver dagger Arden 1 11 gp from Lemot’s theatre
Necklace of pearls and mother of pearls Arden ??? from Lemot’s theatre
Expensive-looking scarf Arden ??? from Lemot’s theatre
6 emerald earrings Arden ~1000 gp from Lemot’s theatre, once worn by the Valachani man
Lemot theatre coinage Lily 32.12 535.9 gp 1,309 sp, 285 gp, 12 pp
Silver bracelet Arden ??? from Lemot’s theatre
Statue, ivory, winged faerie creature perched on toadstool Arden 1.5 ??? from Lemot’s theatre
Tincture box Arden 0.5 2 gp formerly held Tincture of Midnight
Illusion gem Arden 1 a lot from Keening caverns
Eye of Vhaerun Lily ? from Tepest activities
2 crystal carafes of Mikeelbrow Krajkah/Lily ??? ??? from Lemot play
gems from castle island Lily ??? ??? lock box in rubble castle island
coins from castle island Lily ??? ??? lock box in rubble castle island
cloak of resistance +1 Lily 1000 500 goblin with the coven
bracers of armor +1 Arden 1000 500 Lady of the Lake
+1 agile shortsword Lily 8310 4155 Lady of the Lake
single jet black stone Lily ? ? cave hags sent us

Goblin Potions

Type Count Possessor(s)
Cure Light Wounds 1 Arathmis
Cure Moderate Wounds 1 Lily
Sanctuary 1 Lily
Bull’s Strength 1 Lily
Elixer of Hiding 1 Lily

Magic from Castle Island

Type Count Possessor(s)
PfG Potion 1 Lily
Hide from Undead Potion 1 Lily
Hypnotism Scroll 1 Lily
Shield Scroll 1 Lily

Ablion Miscellany

Type Count Value?
Expensive Cologne 1 5gp?
Various costume jewelry 1 ?

Current Animals

Animal Name Owner Whereabouts Notes
Krajkah’s horses Horse 1 and horse 2 Krajkah With wagon
Goat Mrs. Goat Party With wagon
Four healthy young mares Horse 3, 4, 5, 6 Leboin, the breeder with Leboin pick them up outside Viktal

Items of Interest

Item Current Possessor/Whereabouts Notes
Ring of Regeneration Three Sisters used by Three Sisters to extend their meals
Dagger of Arak Three Sisters (assumed) sought out by Melinda
Tincture of Midnight Three Sisters One is confirmed remaining; they say they can make more
Love potions? Three Sisters Potions that they say will make you willing and able to copulate for an evening of enjoyment. Three were seen.
Runed Jade Amulet Unknown from Lemot’s theatre, part of a set. Arden lost it while in the Avanc stomach/dream world

Party Items and Wealth

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