Outcast Ratings

The people of the dread realms are suspicious and insular; strangers or those born different are viewed with mistrust. An individual’s outcast rating represents how different, strange or untrustworthy they are seen as by others. For example a young girl who lives alone and is rumored to be a witch may have a middling to high outcast rating; while a local black smith may have an outcast rating of 0.

Outcast ratings act as a penalty to diplomacy, bluff, perform and as a bonus to intimidate checks, equal to the level of the outcast rating. Each race also has a base outcast rating as a general guide to their outcast rating in a human or unfamiliar community.

Some communities may be more or less xenophobic than others and as such outcast ratings
could be considered to be higher or lower. An outcast rating may be lowered or raised by public actions and reputation earned over time.

Some creatures are too strange for a comunnity to deal with socially. A good guideline is that any creature that you would judge to have a outcast rating of 10 or more would not be able to interact meaningfully in a community.

Outcast Ratings represent only first impressions; it is possible to change one’s standing. For each good deed a character performs that individual helps dispel some of the surrounding community’s fear. This causes her OR to drop by 1 (to a minimum of zero). Any harm (real or imagined) associated with the individual can send that rating back up, however.

Base Racial Outcast Rating

Race Outcast Rating
Aasimar OR 2
Caliban OR 5
Dwarf OR 3
Elf OR 3
Gnome OR 2
Goblin OR 6
Half-Elf OR 1
Half-Vistani OR 2
Halfling OR 1
Tiefling OR 7

Outcast Ratings

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