Nova Vaasa Player Notes

Castle Faerhaaven NPCs

Sir Tristen Hiregaard: Is considered to be responsible for the safety of Liara.

Mayor Ferrier: Mayor of Kellee, held hostage as honored guest by Sir Tristen Hiregaard

Vaasi Bandits

Grast: Chezna’s horse. Chezna said to get Grast to safety as we initiated combat in battle in the bluffs. Has an odd sense of pride. Currently in the possession of Kuzma.

Liara NPCs

Karsten: A friend from Tepest, is now staying with Count Antoni Sawicki and will be helping us rescue Mayor Ferrier.

Count Antoni Sawicki: see his article

Ulf Tryggaar: Mayor of Liara. Cousin of Sir Tristen

Signature Killer: responsible for a hundred years of murders. The signature seems to be rare white flowers from beyond the core, typically in place of the eyes of the victim, but occasionally thrown on the corpse when the killer didn’t have time. The killer may actually be a group of gremlins or associated with them.

Nikolai Ilarion: Coffin maker.

Gergin: Nikolai’s supplier who sold him the cursed casket.

Piotr Vseslav: Caravan leader.

Domner Vasilko: Works for Lawgiver church.

Dagmar: Unknown figure behind Dagmar’s boys.

Dagmar’s Boys: Boys that sell maps near the gates of Liara. One tried to follow us around town.

Kira: vegetable seller involved in cat scratch incident.

Unnamed guard in cat scratch incident: Was magically scratched during the incident. It is unknown how that happened.

Ossip: Tax collector involved in the cat scratch incident.

Yarvuh: Head of the Tavern.

Kuzma Sudislav: Fighter. Works for Sir Tristen. Wants to hire us to kill bandits who stole a gift from Sir Tristen to the Prince.

Captain Dorst: In charge of the people Kuzma recruited to get Chezna. Gruff, direct, a leader.

Andor Korst: easy going, quiet and confident. Doesn’t know Kuzma well. Very loyal to Sir Tristen.

Ivar Korst: easy going, quiet and confident. Doesn’t know Kuzma well. Very loyal to Sir Tristen.

Anya Dorn: Constantly in a bad mood though it isn’t clear if it’s because of this trip or just her normal attitude.

Alair Verin: Very large man. Seems like he might be mad about something.

Rudolph Granger: Different from the rest, seems overeager, like he has something to prove.

Ghostly woman bird: Creepy fey thing that may or may not be the lady causing all cats to go insane. Animated a mummy to attack Nikolai in the market. Animated an armored mummy and some undead cats to attack us on the way back from Chezna’s hideout.

Malkin: Supposedly in charge of all nefarious operations in Liara: stables, drugs, whores, etc. Also was a priest of a cat god who saved Kantora when plains cats were roaming the streets.

Viktor Stable

Jakim: Low level stableman who led other stablemen to the scene of the third victim, Yuria.

Zabed: Leader of Viktor stable. Made an agreement with Arden that Arden would have safe passage and he would provide Viktor stable with some weapons, but not a full sponsorship. He gave us a lead on the third victim, Yuria. Said she worked at the Purring Palace.

Danil: Idiot guard in front of Viktor stable barricade.

Dead Liara NPCs

Elena Grucia: First victim. Found in the northern half of the city a week before we arrived. Her husband was also killed, but there was no ceremony with him. The killer didn’t have time for a complete signature so he threw the lilies on her.

Second victim: Found in the Staggering Stallion loo in the days before our arrive.

Yuria: The third victim. Found off Zadnaya St. west of Anglisky the night of our arrival. Much more info here. She worked at the Purring Palace.

Vaasi Bandits (all deceased)

Chezna, the Blood Cat: Leader of bandits who stole a gift from Sir Tristen to the Prince. Been involved in many other incidents. She’s a cunt with pointy teeth and claws who tried to kill Arden. Dropped by Arden’s gunshot, killed by Kuzma.

Berror Corgax: Dispelled Krajkah’s fog and transmuted rock to mud. Killed by Bellrauthien.

Berdoth: Ogre. Scared Krajkah quite a bit. Killed during battle in the bluffs.

Xanfire: Claimed he was a prisoner, but was the bandits’ resident poisoner.

Nova Vaasa Player Notes

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