Monster in the Market

Your eye is caught by the riding horses in the nearby corral. These are some of the finest horses you have ever seen. No wonder the people of this city boast about the equine bloodlines.
As your eye ranges over the horses, you notice a sudden change in their behavior. Stallions are sniffing the wind and whinnying. Mares are stamping the ground, their eyes wide and ears back. Several of the animals rear up on their hind legs or kick at the corral fence, clearly agitated.

characters can act for a couple rounds

Handlers and grooms rush into the corral trying to calm the animals but instead of obeying, the horses begin to rush in a circle. Suddenly, a stallion kicks out a section of the fence with a splintering crash. The horses pour through the opening like floodwaters from a broken dam, terror in their eyes. Everyone in the market begins screaming and scattering as maddened horses crash through carts and trample anyone or anything in their way.

characters can act

As the horses thunder off it suddenly sounds as though every cat in the city lets out an ear piercing spine chilling yowl. Their bodies are stiff, they fur standing on end, teeth bared and back arched staring intently at a point in space.
Following their gaze you see a shambling figure making its way out of the ruins of the paddock. It looks human, but it walks with an awkward gait, its arms stretched out in front of it as though grasping for something unseen. A low moan emerges from its gaping mouth. As it draws nearer, people begin to scream. Every person in Nova Vaasa is familiar with horses but this thing inspires a primal unnatural fear. The creature’s body is hideously emaciated, and its bones are clearly visible under parchment-thin skin.

Perception Check DC 20 to notice that one man seems to be standing and staring in absolute rapt horror at the creature and it appears to be coming directly towards him. He suddenly tosses something down into the street and runs in the other direction.

If defeated: The undead creature crumbles to the ground, all semblance of life gone. It lies motionless for a few moments then crumbles away to dust. A breeze stirs the motes.
Perception DC 18: Something moves within the swirl of dust. It is ghostly, almost transparent, but then you make it out: It’s a tiny bird with a strangely shaped head. The bird spreads its wings and with a furious beating that resembles the sound of a hummingbird shoots upward and away to the south.
Perception DC 24: The bird had the head of a human woman.

Monster in the Market

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