Cultural Level 9 (Renaissance)

Lamordia at a glance

Lamordia is a coastal domain in the northwestern section of the core. It is plagued by icy relentless wind blowing out of the northwest. Ice floes clog the harbors and great slabs batter the rocky shores during winter. The furious storms of Lamordia rarely impact the neighboring Necropolis or Dementlieu. In spring the roads become rivers of impassable mud and the short summer is plagued by insects. Several islands off the coast are included in this domain, including one called the Isle of Agony. Some residents claim that a man-eating sea monster or some ferocious devil resides there, but none are willing to investigate. The only two major settlements are Ludendorf and Neufurchtenburg, each with less than one thousand residents.

Language Primer

The Lamordian language is a plat, guttural tongue, patently unappealing to the ear. Those who hear Lamordian for the first time compare its sound to a bland amalgam of Darkonese, Falkovnian and Mordentisuh. This is merely superficial, however. The alphabet has many sounds, including many diphthongs and slurs that wound be considered two, three or ever four distinct letters in any other tongue. Lamordian grammar and style are a world apart from any other language in the Core. The language’s characteristics include euphemistic compound words, odd idiomatic expressions, and a needlessly complex system of tenses and genders. Lamordians are proud of their native tongue, insistently correcting travelers who make pronunciation or grammar errors. Most locals, though, also make a point to learn other languages and well-to-do Lamordians are often fluent in half a dozen Core tongues.

English Lamordian
greetings (good day) goodenach
goodbye aufscheet
yes jo
help! halpe!
go away! aufreise!
physician oatst
rationality, reason fe’nunft
blizzard stiem
phantom, bogeyman je’spanst

Native People

Lamordians are tall and fair skinned with eyes of blue or green and hair from light blond to dark brown. They favor dark woolen clothing. They are independent, hardy and good spirited. The travel their land throughout the winter on skis, sleighs and snowshoes.

The Lamordian language is different from any other in the Core. The language of Dementlieu is similar enough that many residents speak both, but Barok, the language of Barovia, is so different it is challenging for Lamordians to learn without a thick accent.

Trappers, miners and shepherds eke out a living in the harsh climate, but most Lamordians are skilled craftsmen. They spend the long dark winter months carving furniture and building incomparable musical instruments to be sold in the spring. Lamordian crafts fetch an excellent price across the Core, a third of which goes to the Baron von Aubrecker.

The Lamordian diet is rich in protein and fat. The locals enjoy a thick sheep’s blood pudding and goat cheese is consumed with nearly every meal.


Lamordians are extremely pragmatic and have no organized religion, and therefore no clerics. All other classes are allowed here.


Baron von Aubrecker is an aristocrat whose family has ruled Lamordia for time out of memory. His seat of power is a castle perched on the Sleeping Beast Mountains south of Ludendorf. His rule is light and, aside from taxes, the mayors of Ludendorf and Neufurchtenburg are fairly autonomous. Monsters are infrequent and the people are peaceful and law abiding.

Realm Magic Rating

Lamordia’s rating is actually a 2, but may drop to 0 wherever a large segment of the populace dwells. This is due to their extreme “rationality” and disbelief in magic.

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