Half-Vistani (or giogoto in the Vistani patterna [see below]) are the result of a union between a Vistana and a giorgio (any non-Vistani human). Unlike the other special races of Ravenloft, half-Vistani are entirely human. The traits from their Vistani blood, however, separate them from normal men.

Love affairs between giorgio and the Vistani are often torrid and brief. The cultural rift cuts deeply so precious few giogoto ever grow up knowing both of their parents. Most often, the Vistani parent moves on in the night abandoning the child to the giorgio. Rarely, a giogoto child is raised by the tribe of its Vistana Parent. In either case, the child may be cared for but is never truly accepted. The giogoto’s giorgio family may fear that the child will develop the peculiar talents of her Vistani kin and, since they are not fully “of the blood” they cannot truly share the worlds of the Vistani.

Personality: Broken homes are the giogoto’s birthright. Many spend thier lives haunted by their youth; a rejected child often matures into a sullen and withdrawn adult. It is no small matter to straddle the cultural rift of their birth, so most giogoto choose to adopt one culture to the exclusion of the other. They either adhere to the customs of their homeland or wrap themselves in the in the Vistani mystique. Regardless of the heritage they favor half-Vistani tend to be passionate and pessimistic individuals.

Physical Description: Half-Vistani resemble their Vistani parents, often inheriting their angular and aquiline features, eyes and hair of deep brown or black and dusky or olive complexions. Of course, giogoto often exhibit traits of their giorgio heritage as well. A giogoto can conceal their Vistani heritage, fooling giorgio with a Disguise check (minor details only). There is no way to fool a true Vistani, however. They know those who are “of the blood” with a single glance and they know when it is impure.

Relations: Giogoto are caught between two worlds; giorgio treat them like Vistani and Vistani treat them like giorgio. A giogoto’s outlook toward nonhumans usually mirrors that of his homeland. It is not uncommon, however, for half-Vistani to be more accepting towards other “unwelcome” creatures such as Caliban and half-elves.

Alignment: In many ways the giorgio life mimics that of half-elves. Many half-Vistani spend their lives alienated from society and often grow to distrust authority. Giogoto ethical alignment tends towards chaos but that are no more good or evil than other humans.

Homelands: The Vistani endlessly wander the Land of the Mists, so giogoto may be born in any domain. The ruthless oppression of Vistani in Invidia makes native half-Vistani extremely rare though more common in neighboring Barovia. No permanent half-Vistani communities exist in Ravenloft.

Religion: Giogoto raised by giorgio typically adopt the prevalent faith of their homeland. Giogoto raised by Vistani are seldom religious; the Vistani worship no gods and have many legends of their cruel mistreatment at the hands of godlike beings in the distant past. Some Vistani, particularly those of the Vatraska tribe, treat fate, the Mists and the forces of nature with respect that borders on reverence, however.

Language: Giogoto have no language of their own, instead they learn the domain languages of their homeland. Giogoto who embrace their Vistani heritage often also learn the patterna, the Vistani’s spoken language, and tralaks, the Vistani system of trail symbols.

Half-Vistani Racial Traits

  • +2 to any one ability score
  • Medium-size
  • Base Speed: 30ft
  • Not of the Blood (Ex): Half-Vistani are considered human for all special abilities and effects, they do not receive any human or Vistani racial traits.
  • Survivor (Ex): Half-Vistani have a +2 racial bonus on Survival checks. They may also re-roll any attempt to light a fire in any weather conditions or rolls not to become lost while in the mist and take the better of the two rolls.
  • Moon Madness (Su): During the period of the full moon each month, half-Vistani suffer a -2 morale penalty on Wisdom. During this period if the half-Vistani is indoors they are shaken and when outdoors gain a +5 morale bonus to their base speed.
  • Natural Linguists (Ex): Giogoto are natural linguists, they receive the skill focus feat for Linguistics automatically and can select two languages (in addition to their domain language) to know at start. Half-Vistani who have spent time among full blood Vistani can choose patterna and tralaks for the cost of a single language. These langauges are ordinarily unavailable to those not “of the blood.”
  • Tribe (Ex): Choose one tribe where the Vistani parent originated and apply the following traits to your character.

Canjar Tribe (Manusa Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on Spellcraft checks
  • +4 Racial bonus on learning a new spell

Corvara Tribe (Boem Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on Disable Device checks
  • +2 Racial bonus on Sense Motive checks

Equaar Tribe (Kaldresh Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on Handle Animal checks
  • +2 Racial bonus on Ride checks

Kamii Tribe (Kaldresh Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on metal-based Crafts checks
  • Appraise check to identify a metal in detail

Naiat Tribe (Boem Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on Perform and Diplomacy checks

Vatraska Tribe (Kaldresh Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on Heal checks
  • +2 Racial bonus on Profession (herbalist) checks

Zarovan Tribe (Manusa Tasque)

  • +2 Racial bonus on Ride checks
  • You may re-roll Initiative checks, but must take the second result

Outcast Rating: 2, this may be reduced to 0 with a DC 15 Disguise check.


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