Cultural Level 9 (Renaissance)

Dementlieu at a glance

Dementlieu lies along the western coast of the Core just south of Lamordia on the Sea of Sorrows. Port-a-Lucine, the largest city and capital, sits on the shore of the Parnault Bay. This walled city of five thousand people has clean streets, neatly arrayed townhouses and surrounds a small but empty fortress. With no owner and a series of unfortunate accidents plaguing all who have attempted to lay claim it the fortress seems likely to remain empty. The neutral temple of the Church of Ezra is located on the outskirts of Port-a-Lucine. Dementlieu a flat land growing hillier as it approaches the border of Lamordia. The land is covered in forests and heaths and the earth is sandy supporting only potatoes.

Language Primer

Mordentish is the primary language spoken in Dementlieu, it is also spoken in Borca, Mordent and Richemulot. The primary article on this language is found in the Mordent page.

In Dementlieu, the High dialect is in common usage. Virtually all of the commoners also speak High Mordentish, particularly if they work in or near any of the areas frequented by nobles. In their homes, however, they are more likely to revert to Low Mordentish. All forms of artistic expression in Dementlieu are performed in High Mordentish at the command of the Council of Brilliance.

English Low High
greetings Wes thu hal bonjour
farewell Wes thu hal adieu
yes giese oui
no nese non
ah! alas! la! eala! oh! hélas!
go away! faran aweg! s’en aller
painting searo peinturex
literature bokcræft écriture
performance plegende présentation

Native People

The people of Dementlieu are the most civilized and refined in the entire Core, or so they would have you believe. They produce the finest portraits and landscape paintings; they are logical and believe in the rule of science. There is little evidence of poverty as the less fortunate are provided with food and shelter… in exchange for unpaid servitude far from the critical eye of outsiders. Amongst the lower classes poverty, disease and crime are common.

The gentry of Dementlieu set the fashion trends for the rest of the Core. Currently men wear dark woolen pants and cotton or silk shirts with tailed coats. Gentlemen wear black top hats while lower class men wear simple cloth caps. Women wear somber-colored long dresses and high buttoned boots with hats. Lower class women wear simple bonnets but the hat of a lady is large brimmed and elaborate.

The language of Dementlieu is the same as that of Mordent and is similar to that spoken in Richemulot and Borca, it is also the language taught in the finest boarding schools across Ravenloft.


Most adventurers from Dementlieu are rogues, wizards are infrequent and usually enchanters or illusionists (generally used for entertainment). Violence is frowned on and the people are calm and genteel.


In all matters relating to law or government, the man to speak with is Dominic d’Honaire, leader of the lord-governor’s advisory council. He is a good humored man in his early fifties who lives near the lord-governor’s palace in Port-a-Lucine. Dr. Villhelm Mikki, one of the Core’s most famous specialists in nervous disorders and mental illnesses is also highly influential. He runs a sanatorium located in the countryside outside Chateaufaux.

Realm Magic Rating

Dementlieu’s magic rating is 5 as magic is not only well known but commonly accepted. This is due to the many enchanters and illusionists who perform on stage for rapt audiences. Nonetheless, a number of true practitioners secretly perfect their magical knowledge beyond the sight of most people of the realm. Dementlieu’s high Cultural Level allows magically talented folk to progress and experiment with the art far beyond what is available in most domains.

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