General notes

  • No mortal magic can protect against the effects of closed domain borders or special powers of darklords. For example, the monk’s diamond body ability offers no protection against the poison mists of Barovia. This applies to crossing closed borders as well.
  • Ravenloft curses are rare but powerful magic and can sometimes overpower even class features that should make targets immune to their effects.


  • Rage: Something about the demiplane of dread seems to subtly encourage a barbarians lust for violence. When a barbarian attempts to voluntarily end their rage they must succeed at a will save DC 10+ the number of rounds they have raged that day. If they fail, they continue to rage and attack perceived enemies or the bodies of fallen enemies until their rage is exhausted. If any ally attempts to interfere or otherwise present a threat they are targeted as well. They may retry this save each round as a free action until they succeed or the rage ends naturally. Will save bonuses from raging do not apply to this save.
  • Primal Mind (Ex): The primitive nature of a barbarians mind leaves them particularly vulnerable to the dangers of madness. They receive a -2 circumstance penalty on Madness Saves but are always able to perceive a “bad feeling” when the enter a Sinkhole of Evil, Reality Wrinkle or when in the presence of a hag.


  • Tales of Death and Madness: A Ravenloft bard can put on a performance so chilling, so realistic that his audience is frightened as though it were real. Any bard who makes a perform check DC 30 can force a number of people who witnessed the performance up to his bard level to make a fear save. For every 5 points that the result exceeds the DC the targets receive a -1 penalty to their Will save to resist the effect. The DC for the save is determined by the DM taking into account normal fear save modifiers but starts at 10 + 1/2 Bard Level + Charisma Modifier.


  • Hidden Soul: Clerics of any alignment way worship any deity, even those of an opposite alignment. Evil clerics of good deities or faiths may choose, as a neutral cleric does, whether to channel positive or negative energy. The same is true of good deities who, for whatever reason, choose to worship an evil deity. This decision also applies to spontaneously casting cure or inflict spells.


  • Of the Land: A druid is more closely linked to the land they live in than any other and are, therefore, more susceptible to it’s sinister nature. If a druid is within 10 miles of a Sinkhole of Evil or an area blighted by a hag they sense, and contact, the corruption. They then make a will save with a DC depending on the intensity of the corruption. If they fail, their alignment temporarily shifts one step on the morale axis towards evil. If they fail by 5 or more it shifts 2 steps. This effect lasts until the Druid leaves the area. The druid may retry a failed save once per day to regain their former alignment (assuming they stay in the area) and may freely come and go from a particular area for 24 hours after passing a save.
Sinkhole Rating 3 DC 15
Sinkhole Rating 4 or Hag’s Blight DC 20
Sinkhole Rating 5 DC 25


Paladins are a rare and special thing in Ravenloft, beacons of good and defenders of the common folk. A shining beacon in the dark attracts danger as well as those who would seek its solace, however. No one chooses the route of the Paladin, it is simply who they are.

  • Higher Standards: When paladin’s make Powers Checks they do so at double the usual chance of failure.
  • Detect Evil (Sp): In Ravenloft no mortal magic can detect moral alignment. This ability is replaced by the ability to use detect chaos as the spell.
  • Aura of Courage (Su): While still immune to magical fear, no character in Ravenloft is immune to normal fear. Playing such a character in a horror campaign would be missing the purpose. Paladin’s are still vulnerable to fear saves inspired by their own sense of survival but gain the courageous trait for free.
  • Holy Champion: Upon gaining this ability the paladin feels a sense of inescapable destiny associated with the darklord of whatever domain they are in. They always know the approximate direction to the darklord and thoughts of him or her are always in their mind. This fascination can take many forms from obsession to adoration to an urge to destroy the darklord.
  • Disruption: The very presence of a paladin in their domain is an irritation to the domain’s darklord. The darklord can even judge the general direction or location of a paladin. This sense, along with the associated feeling of irritation, only grow stronger as the paladin grows in power. Many believe that paladins are anathema not just to darklords, but to the Dark Powers themselves who never intended for them to exist on their demiplane. Others suspect that Paladin’s have the capability of becoming a sort of anit-darklord, should they ever fulfill their destiny.


  • Skills: Sorcerers have to be versatile, they receive 4+Int skills / level
  • Sorcerers receive bonus spells at the same level would first be able to cast spells of that level (one less than the level listed in the PhB).
  • Mist Bloodline: The mist bloodline is a new option for sorcerers in Ravenloft

The Aberrant Bloodline

Long Limbs: Increase your Outcast Rating by 3
Unusual Anatomy: Requires you to drastically change your diet; slugs, animal brains, boneless seafood and offal, all raw, are now the only palatable foods. If you attempt to eat other foodstuffs you are sickened for 12 hours. Your blood is now blue.
Aberrant Form: Increase your Outcast Rating by 7

The Abyssal Bloodline

Your voice becomes husky and crackles like fire, increase your Outcast Rating by 2 and add 5% to all Powers Checks.

Bonus Spells: Every time you gain access to a new bloodline bonus spell, make a powers check as if you had learned a new evil spell. If that spell is already evil, double the chances of failure. Each time you use a non-passive infernal bloodline power make a 3% powers check.

The Arcane Bloodline

Class Skill: You may not choose Knowledge (the planes) as your class skill

Celestial Bloodline

Higher Standards: When a sorcerer with this bloodlines makes a powers check they do so at double the usual chance of failure.

Heavily Fire: Use of this ability to heal may cause a fear save among the people of Ravenloft

Wings of Heaven: Wings gained from this bloodline ability are broken and pathetic to look upon.

The Destined Bloodline

Within Reach: If you make use of this bloodline ability, there is a 50% chance that, though you are saved, you are enveloped by the Mist and transported to another domain. This occurs at the end of the round following the use of this ability, unless you are roused by an ally.

Destiny Realized: You may be detected by darklords as a paladin of your level.

The Elemental Bloodline

Dread Element: All effects that you create for your element type (spells, bloodline powers, etc.) are cosmetically changed.

Air Effects = Gouts of mists and fogs
Earth Effects = Grave earth, bones and tombstones
Fire Effects = Burning bones, flames and splinters of wood
Water Effects = Unclean volumes of putrid blood

The Fey Bloodline

Fey bloodline sorcerers are almost always changelings left in place of a normal child or born of an illicit affair. Either way the seelie or unseelie want them back.

Woodland Stride: Fey creatures can clearly see a trail a fey bloodline sorcerer has blazed. If you are travelling through undergrowth creatures of the Fey type have a +1 to detect and track you.

Fleeting Glance: Creatures of the Fey type may still see you, you are considered to have concealment (20% miss chance, may use stealth to hide) when these creatures are looking.

Soul of the Fey: When you use this ability, or any other, to shadow walk all creatures of the Fey type within 10 miles know you have entered the plane of shadows.

The Infernal Bloodline

All Infernal bloodlines sorcerers have a voice that rumbles like distant thunder; increase your Outcast Rating by 2.

Add 5% to all Powers Checks.

Bonus Spells: Every time you gain access to a new bloodline bonus spell, make a powers check as if you had learned a new evil spell. If that spell is already evil, double the chances of failure.

Each time you use a non-passive Infernal bloodline power make a 3% powers check.

The Undead Bloodline

You have some telling link to your Undead bloodline, a deathly pallor or a disturbing gaze, increase your Outcast Rating by 2.

Bonus Spells: Every time you gain access to a new bloodline bonus spell, make a powers check as if you learned a new Necromantic spell. If that spell is already Necromantic, double the chances of failure.

Each time you use a non-passive infernal bloodline power make a 3% powers check.


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