Character Creation

You will be starting at level 3.

I would recommend you first think about the type of character you want to make (personality, strengths, weaknesses, etc.) and then select the domain you want to be from. Based on the domain choose an appropriate race and class. If you wish to be something non-standard (race or class) talk to me about how to make it work. Keep in mind this campaign will involve travel to areas of the Core where racial, religious, professional and other types of intolerance are a huge factor. Think ahead about how you will fit in!

Step 1: Determine Ability Scores

For determining ability scores we will use the Standard (4d6, drop lowest, total remaining, repeat six times and assign as desired). If your total points are less than 65 or all your scores are less than 16 you can scrap and roll again.

Step 2: Pick Your Race

I can’t emphasize enough; think carefully about how you will be received in other parts of the Core. If you want to be something not listed for a particular domain you just need to run it by me first and we’ll talk. There are no Orcs in Ravenloft, and therefore no half-orcs. Details on the Caliban race, a mutated human race which fills the same role, are provided below. The half-Vistani race is new to Ravenloft and available from most domains in the Core.

Step 3: Pick Your Class

Again, this has much to do with where you are from (exceptions are possible). Since you are starting at level 3 you can mix this up a bit. Be well rounded, be realistic. If you’ve ever considered playing a bard but worried about being underpowered, this may be the campaign for you.

Step 4: Pick Skill and Feats

I strongly encourage you to make a balanced character rather than min/maxing. To that end you may only have a number of skills at max rank equal to your class base skill points at that level. For example a cleric can have only 2 while a rogue can have 8. This is determined when you level up so it is possible to take a level of rogue and have 8 skills at max then take a level of cleric and only be able to put points into two of those skills. During play you will have to justify skills points assigned at each level (practice or training). Don’t forget Linguistics as there is no common language in the Core!

In addition to skills and feats, please select two traits. One must be from your home domain list (Domain Traits), the other can be from the normal Traits List.

Finally, we will be using the Pathfinder Player’s Option: Flaws ($1.99 from Paizo or contact me). You can choose to take up to two flaws getting either 3 bonus skill points or one bonus feat. If two flaws are taken only one can be for a bonus feat, the other must be for skill points. All flaws in this system have some kind of cure or “buy off” but they must be in play when we start the game (you can later get them removed). You must use this flaws for roleplaying and back story purposes, not just for mechanics.

Step 5: Buy Equipment

This is not a world ruled by material things and few have the luxury to craft expensive items. Characters will start with 3/4 normal gold and may only have one magic item of above 1000 GP value.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Write a history! We won’t start until I have at least a couple pages from each player. The more the better and feel free to stay in touch regarding any ideas you have or questions about the world. Once I know your domain, race and class I’ll send you some additional information not included in this packet. You can use this in your history or just to have a slight edge, as you see fit.

Character Creation

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