Briggdarrow Location Guide

1: Approach to Briggdarrow

The hard-packed ocher ribbon of the East Timori Road leads west along the banks of the great Lake Kronov through cleared land. The sight of homes and people at work gradually becomes more common as you sense you are approaching the town proper. On your left is a large well tended graveyard, on your right is the lake as you start to see several larger structures around and ahead of you. Far across town you can see the blades of a squat windmill over smaller structures turning steadily in the stiff lake breeze.
Gradually, you realize the quiet of the lonely forest road has been broken by the sound of chattering neighbors. From somewhere off in the town comes the ringing of metal-on-metal as someone working a forge. The distinct thumping of hammers and harsh rasping of saws comes from the direction of the docks. Complementing the tangy smell of the steely water a swirl of sweet smoke from the local birch and cedar fires reaches your nose.
Many people give you flat stares but few seem surprised to see you. As you approach the center of town a man shouts out, “Got any rum on that wagon?” to the laughter of his fellows.

2: General Store

Owner’s name is Loman

Stepping through the door into this well-lit store, you are surrounded by an assortment of household provisions. Bundles of rope lie in one corner, an assortment of basic tools hangs on the pegs near the door, and bundles of candles dangle beside an open window.
The keeper of this general store is seated on an uncomfortable-looking chair opposite the door. He is a stocky man with stiff wiskers on a lantern jaw. He wears simple clothes and a leather apron. He glances up quickly from a sack he is mending as the bell over the door rings.

The town general store has a reasonable stock of common items. Most people in the surrounding area stop by a couple times a week and many come from farther off to trade stories and catch up.

3: Temple to Mannan Mac Lir

This is a simple church, exactly what one would expect to find in a small village like Briggdarrow. Near the front of the building, beneath a wicker dome, stands a stone statue of a muscular man with wise but kindly features. The fact that he wears seashell armor and holds a trident with a fish impaled upon it comes as no surprise in this humble fishing community.

Priests of Manan Mac Lir wear loose linen pants and homespun cloth shirts. Their holy symbol is a leaping fish, worn around the neck. There are Inquisitors here in Briggdarrow as well, but they are far less common.

4: Graveyard

This field is a quiet, country cemetery hedged by an wooden fence and dotted with yew trees. An assortment of tombstones, many bearing the glyph of a leaping fish, jut out from the green grass like the scattered teeth of an old man.

5: Waterfront

You stand on the shores of Lake Kronov, a dark body of cold water that stretches away to the limits of your vision. The shore is rocky but full of life. Wooden piers jut out from the rocky coast to meet the choppy waves. a dozen small fishing boats are tied here, each burdened with nets and lines.

6: Shipwright

This large building is clearly used for building and repairing fishing boats and other such craft. The sweet smell of sawdust hangs in the air, fighting for mastery over the thick odor of fish and bait.
A trio of men move with quick confidence about the place, hammering shaping and cutting. There work is decisive and practiced.

Names are Tadhgan, Sorley and Bradan

7: Carpenter / Barrelwright

Saws, lathes, hammers and nails are all reading available here. Well-crafted furniture stands for sale, proudly displayed. A triangular stack of freshly maid barrels awaits customers along the far wall. A tall, solidly built man works at the turning of a table leg here with a quite intensity.

Name is Kelan

8: Smokehouse

This warehouse shaped building has several low wide stone pits and racks for smoking fish and game. The finished products and carefully wrapped or hanging along one wall while fresh meat and barrels of fish along the other await the attention of the five women who work here tending the fires and smelling of meat, fish and charred oak.

Names are Bebinn, Eimear, Muirgheal, Aideen and Eavan

9: Small Private Home

The typical home in Briggdarrow is a small whitewashed building with a thatch roof and a neat little yard. A slender curl of smoke twists up from a brick chimney, giving the air a tang of birch and cedar. A small garden offers a variety of beans, berries, melons and root vegetables that look tempting and well cared for.

10: Large Private House

A few of the larger homes in Briggdarrow have slate roofs and sprawling green lawns. Window boxes overflow with flowers and plumes of sweet smoke curl up from the chimney. Gardens of fresh fruits and vegetables are common.

11: Blacksmith / Ironmonger

This is a surprisingly well-appointed blacksmith’s shop. A large forge and bellows dominates the place, although an assortment of iron wares ranging from horseshoes to pots and pans is displayed for sale. The blacksmith is a tall and powerfully built man whose mane of hair is held back from the fire with tight leather cords. As you enter he seems oblivious over the ringing of his hammer on anvil.

Blacksmith is working on the blade of a large plow. Name is Donovan.

12: Warehouse

Stepping through the large doors of this vast building, your nose draws in air perfumed with fresh-cut lumber and the tangy aroma of newly fallen pine. Bundled piles of the latter lie just inside the door, secured by solid looking chains to the wall. Stacks of the former are arranged by size further away from the door.

13: Sawmill

The stiff breeze that blows off of Lake Kronov drives the blades of this impressive windmill in a steady circle. Within this hardy stone tower, the power of the wind is used to turn a well-oiled saw and a small grindstone. Both are in use by a lanky older man and his young apprentice who carefully feed cut lumber toward the blade.

Older man’s name is Daire, apprentice is Garvan.

14: Bakery

A large stone hearth dominates the interior of this shop, which smells of bread and yeast. An assortment of rolls, loafs and cakes are laid out for purchase. The air is perfumed by the heady scent of fresh bread and warmed by the slow low fire burning in the hearth. The women behind the counter both seem happy in their work, if a tad plump. The older of the two has shorter than usual hair, braided and pulled back over a face turned pink from the heat of the over. Despite that she an attractive woman who looks happy to see customers.

The ladies names are Mairenn and Ena

15: Tailor / Cobbler / Tanner

This place, which is clearly a combination of a tailor’s and cobbler’s shop, appears busy and a bit cluttered. Bolts of cloth are racked along one wall. Racks hold small bins full of buttons, beads, thimbles and more near the counter. The smell of newly tanned leather is not-quite concealed by large bunches of fragrant dried flowers hanging about the room creating a slightly sickly miasma the proprieter seems quite oblivious to. The man looks up, his face lean and heavily freckled.

Name is Fionntan

16: Brewer / Distiller

The interior of this place is filled with wooden kegs stacked in two pyramids. The thick scent of hops and fermentation makes the air almost chockingl humid. Shelves along the walls carry jugs marked as “ale” or “mead.” A trapdoor in the center of the room presumably leads down to a cellar.

Master brewer is Sean

17: Spider House Inn

A large two story structure stands out from all the rest. The whitewashed walls and slate roof are of the highest quality. Flowers under every window are clearly well tended. Remarkably, all of those windows seem to have glass panes in addition to the heavy open shutters, the first glass windows you’ve seen in all of Tepest. The heavy curl of smoke from the chimneys show several large fires within. The large sign over the door is wooden but clealry painted by a skilled artist, it shows a wide spider’s web. Smack in the center of the web a spider in a fine robe smokes a pipe and sits in a heavy arm chair.

Keirwyn and Marian are owners

18: Tinsmith / Tinker

The workbench of this place is littered with scraps of metal, an assortment of tools, and a half-dozen partially completed tin drinking steins. Many other small metal tools and objects such as plates, forks, hangers, buckles and more are scattered around. An old man with only wispy remnants of hair is working with a set of tin snips leaning so close to his bench that he is only inches away from his work.

Name is Carroll

19: Pond

You stand on the shore of a tiny pond which bubbles around a spring at its center. The water looks cool and pure. Schools of minnows, flashes of gleaming goldfish and swaying fronds of seaweed indicate that small creatures make this place their home.

Briggdarrow Location Guide

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