Eye of Vhaerun

The eye always appears as whatever the viewer most desires


Though you’ve been told the item truly is just a simple lump of dull gray crystal, each of you sees something different. Any who see the eye risk becoming obsessed with possessing it and even those who don’t succumb still see what they desire most.


The Eye of Vhaerun was fished out of Lake Kronov in Tepest many years ago. Several fisherman nearly killed each other trying to possess it. In the end it was only the near proximity of the leaders of the Inquisition that prevented the town from tearing itself apart. Wyan declared the item to be a tool of evil and had it locked away beneath the church.

It was later learned that Loht, Prince of Shadows and leader of the Arak, wanted the item to trick the banshee queen into giving him back his sword. Since no fey can enter the warded area beneath the church he manipulated Lorelei into getting it for him. Though the Eye was recovered, Loht was successful in getting back that which was taken from him.

The eye now travels with the party.

Eye of Vhaerun

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