Dagger of Arak

Slender stiletto of silvery mithril with a black leather hilt

weapon (melee)

The Dagger of Arak: The Dagger of Arak is a slender stiletto of silvery mithril with a black leather hilt. A large bloodstone glistens in the pommel.


Rima’s Vision

I see back, back through the dense mists of time through the eons. A time and a place far from here, a place not of this world. I see a great king. King Arak, father of the race which bears his name. Though he is called king, father and first I sense he is but a puppet on strings. I dare not peer into the darkness that enslaves and torments his race in a distant and ancient world. It is unfathomable, a swirling madness, a terrible fiend. Its hunger for domination is insatiable and it has grown weary of tormenting immortal creations.

The Arak, the Shadow Fey, create a great portal between worlds keyed to the regalia worn by their Earl King, of which the dagger is but one part. All the pieces must be present to open the gate and they will pour forth as a conquering army to bring new worlds to the Sorcerer Fiend that he might feast on their souls. Treachery is a afoot, and the dagger was witness to it all. The Arak use their arts to cloak their escape and it fools even the ancient evil that rules them, at least for a time.

At first it seems that armies of the Arak pour through the Obsidian Gate, but beneath the illusion a whole race flees its home world for a destination unknown. When the foe sees he has been fooled his anger is boundless. A mind rending maelstrom of clawing biting horror descends on the Arak and their great King stands alone against it. A toy soldier turning on its maker.

The battle is one sided and soon begins to turn. Great care was taken to give each item in the regalia power specifically against this foe, in preparation for this moment, but it is not enough. Time is bought and the Arak flee into the space between worlds as their king slows the fiend in the rear. It soon becomes clear that escape is impossible. The great king sacrifices himself and sends his regalia through the gate sealing it shut. The last his people will see of him is the all encompassing shapeless horror of their creator descending to devour his now defenseless body.

The dagger and the rest of the regalia, however, live on. It is decided that each be given to a different leader of the Arak so they can never be brought together again. The dagger is an assassins weapon. It has the power to strike deeply and true against unsuspecting foes and she feeds its blood lust with glee. No natural resistance, no matter how potent, can turn away its deadly blade. Malinda delights in striking the lightest of wounds against her opponents and then taunting and tormenting them as they slowly bleed to death.

Through the centuries a game is played to alleviate the boredom of eternity. Each in turn seeks to steal the relic carried by the others and send them into the hands of unsuspecting mortals. Such a loss is humbling and the only way to regain face is to regain the item and punish the mortal who has dared to lay hands on it. What’s more, I sense that such powerful magic is too much for mere mortals to safely carry for long. It is both addictive and destructive. The dagger seeks to hide the bearer but over time this can fade away to incorporeal ghostliness or even to nothing at all. There is no way to stop it save to rid ones self of the piece and seek the cleansing light of the sun to overcome the powers of darkness. Once used the item cannot easily be put aside. It believes it has found a willing bearer and will force ever more depraved acts until its true owner reclaims it or the current bearer is lost to the nothing or dies.

Player Notes

The dagger was left on the northern edge of the Three Sisters’ forest. It is presumed to be in their possession.

Dagger of Arak

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