This tall older man has a wiry build and snow white hair which curls out from under his black skullcap. His long, thick mustache and goatee are groomed into neat stiff points.


Wyan of Viktal is aging before his time. His gaunt face and wiry build make him appear a decade older than his 55 years. Prematurely snowwhite hair curls out from under his black skullcap. Wyan sports a long, thick moustache and goatee, both of which are groomed into neat, stiff points. His eyes are deeply lined, gazing out upon all they see with rapt attention and deep suspicion. Wyan is seldom seen out of his ceremonial vestments, a black partial cape worn over a plain white robe. He habitually clutches a large book to his chest when appearing in public; although the tome is usually his book of prayers, he replaces it with official Inquisition ledgers when officiating over trials. Wyan exudes an aura of unyielding confidence in himself and his clergy.



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