Krajkah Huhrong

This dwarf is equal parts gruff and jovial, quick to judge, skilled with numerous weapons and expresses a clear distaste for magic and wizards.


Image is the closest approximation of Krajkah I could locate. Subtract the eye patch and it’s quite close.

You might describe Krajkah as average. Average height, average weight, average coloring and complexion. You might say he has an expected disposition, typical hair length and styling, or a normal voice. You would likely say he has a non-descript face. You would… if you were a dwarf. But you’re not a dwarf. And dwarves are somewhat rare in the Lands of Mist.

About a foot shorter than most humans, he also seems at least twice as wide – with short, stocky legs like tree stumps; arms as thick as roof beams and the chest of an ale barrel. His head is a large, with a broad, wrinkled forehead; square jaw and dark, leathery skin. At any given time his expression is likely a scowl of disapproval or a bawdy smirk, but rarely anything in between.

Almost as if it were a second layer of clothing (or perhaps rather a first) thick, coarse hair covers his body. This nut-brown/auburn hair reaches down to mid-back while his beard reaches a similar level at mid-chest. Usually held in large, thick braids, his hair is currently undone and wild – but clean. The repetitive waviness of his hair tells that it has only recently come out of his proud braids.

He dresses simply – in rough spun wool and basic leathers, workman’s clothes, and his rough, calloused hands suggested this may be his occupation. The clothes are old, worn, and somewhat mismatched but kept in good condition. They show signs of mending clearly intended to be practical and functional rather than keeping with any clothiers idea of “matching.”

However, when clad in armor with weapon in hand, he is a formidable sight. His armor is always scrubbed clean, well oiled, and shined. A few dents and scratches suggest that the wearer had seen his share of battle. For such meticulously cleaned armor it seems slightly out of place that the dents would not have been hammered out more. His weapon, a wicked battleaxe, is similarly cleaned, polished, and also obviously razor sharp. Oddly here is that the weapon is clearly a unique design and fairly recently forged, yet it seems too thick, too heavy, and too unwieldy and offbalance to be used effectively. Krajkah also keeps two daggers at his waist and uses a number of other weapons including a guisarme and crossbow.


Krajkah Huhrong

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