Arden Valois


ArdenThis man stands 5 feet, 5 inches. He’s a bit scrawny. His boots are leather, worn from travel, but kept shined while in town. His pants are black wool, with a belt of three leather cords tied in a decorative knot. He wears a three-button jacket also made of black wool that he never keeps buttoned. The collar is very large and points upwards while the sleeves have thick rolled cuffs. Underneath, he wears a gray vest and a fitted white shirt, both completely buttoned up. All the clothes are well-tailored. Around his neck is a leather string with a small, round cut ruby in a silver setting.

His hair is light brown, kept somewhat messy in the front and in a shoulder-length ponytail in the back. His eyes are dark brown. His face is handsome and would appear soft and kind were it not for the stubble he can’t seem to shave off. When adventuring or working on his gunsmithing, he wears a pair of goggles. Otherwise, the goggles are worn around his neck or stowed in a pack he carries.

Picture of musket
Picture of pistol


Arden was born into the Valois family in Dementlieu more than two decades ago. The Valois house is not well respected, seeing fit to treat their servants with dignity. This good treatment has put the Valois finances into an ignominious state, something Arden was ashamed of.

But Arden holds some of the same ideals as his family and found himself in love with a girl of a lower station, Jeanne. Ironically, their love was frowned upon by both Arden’s parents and Jeanne’s. But love conquers all and they enjoyed each other’s company for a time.

After some triggering event that the rest of the group is unaware of, Jeanne and Arden left their respective families and vowed to help other people. They did odd jobs for the local authorities or for particular houses.

One day in recent years, Jeanne vanished. Arden has spent much of his time since then searching the Core for any hint of her existence, or of her untimely demise. He took jobs that brought him farther from home, bringing him close to war torn lands, mists that make people go mad or disappear, and worse.

His most recent job brought him to a new playhouse in Dementlieu, and the rest, as they say, is history.

h4. Aroun’s Notebook

This small book, no larger than a pocket notebook, is bound between wooden covers, and is clearly a copy meant to withstand the rigors of adventuring.

2nd—glide, knock, levitate, rope trick
1st—ant haul, enlarge person, erase, expeditious retreat, gravity bow, hold portal, jump, magic weapon, shield

Arden Valois

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