• Berror Corgax

    Berror Corgax

    Wide, stocky, dark gray and rough hewn a dwarf with beard unkept and a strange cold look in his eyes. He's wearing tattered worn out homespun and has a battleaxe strapped to his back.
  • Bryonna


    An otherwise pretty face marred by four jagged scars that run from forehead to cheek, across the empty socket where her eye once was.
  • Count Antoni Sawicki

    Count Antoni Sawicki

    Count Sawicki is a tall man with a broad forehead and hair mostly gone to silver. He has inquisitive eyes, deeply lined mouth and his mustache is oiled and braided hanging to collar bone.
  • Greabo


    The innkeeper is a massively obese man with thin stringy hair and a beet red face. His small eyes seem to peer suspiciously out of deep sockets. His clothes are in good repair but splotched with bits of sauce and grease.
  • Hannett


    A slightly stoop shouldered older man with graying hair pulled back tight and a wispy beard. He has watery blue eyes and a soft wrinkled face.
  • Iliya


  • Ivan D'Ogmai

    Ivan D'Ogmai

    A stocky man with puffy brown hair who appears haggard and worn
  • Jocelyn


    Thick pleated auburn hair, cream colored skin and a lightly freckled face lend a simple beauty. She moves with a cheerful waddle under the unaccustom and awkward weight of an unborn child near to term.
  • Karsten


    This young man's mop of flaming red hair and a light scruff does little to hide his youth. He wears a loose shirt open showing most of his chest. His tan pants are tucked into high black boots.
  • Konraad Vandrakite

    Konraad Vandrakite

    A richly dressed Vaasi man with a long drooping mustache and a large hooked nose.
  • Lemot Sediam Juste

    Lemot Sediam Juste

    A tall rail thin man with wispy hair and ink splattered clothes, often seen carrying a pile of loose papers.
  • Leobe


    A brawny unkempt man with a weathered face nearly lost in a bushy, gray-streaked beard and a wild mane of hair.
  • Mayor Gerald Ferrier

    Mayor Gerald Ferrier

    A short broad shouldered man with a salt-and-pepper close cropped beard and well made but simple clothes. In the center of his forehead is a brand in the shape of a hawk.
  • Nikolai Ilarion

    Nikolai Ilarion

    Nikolai the coffin maker wears a faded long coat over a well tailored suit. His hair is long and stringy and his deep eyes have a haunted look.
  • Rima


    A veiled older Vistani woman in once brightly colored clothes, now faded with time, living alone in the wilds of Tepest.
  • Taog


    This sullen, filthy Tepestani takes care of the animals at the Inn in Tepest. He has a foul disposition and an even fouler odor.
  • Wyan


    This tall older man has a wiry build and snow white hair which curls out from under his black skullcap. His long, thick mustache and goatee are groomed into neat stiff points.
  • Xanfire the Trapmaster

    Xanfire the Trapmaster

    A tiny frazzle headed man with walnut skin and clothes scorched and stained. His leather apron is fitted with countless tiny pockets filled with tools, he also carries a loaded crossbow.
  • Xeleen


    Tall imposing man with a pock marked face, piercing green eyes, close cropped dark hair and a long braided beard
  • Zabed


    Zabed is a huge ruddy skinned man with only a slight gray in his temples. He has the bushy mustache of a Vaasi man, though he is clearly not a native.